Lil B.I.G. Pac

Dieuson Octave also known by his stage Kodak black is the next real deal. I know some of you except the trap and hiphop fans have no idea who that is.
The young rapper has proven his brilliant artistic skills in his 4 mixtapes which have been received very well by the trap family.
He got his debut when rapper drake posted a video of him dancing to his song skrt from his mixtape project baby. After that he became a worldwide sensation in the hiphop world and people couldn’t get enough of him. As a result of that he also got signed to Atlantic records which was a huge break for him.
The young rapper has had a running with the law which got him a four month jail term on September 2016 where he released his song “can i”, but that still doesn’t change the fact that he’s going to go places. The rapper/ songwriter has been known to rap and trap about the troubles that poor people go through in the hood.
His song skrt was number 10 in the billboard chats 2016, his mixtape lil B.I.G Pac was also no 49 on the billboard album chart and no 18 in the hiphop albums. The young rapper was also named by the xxl as the “2016 freshman hiphop class”.
If you haven’t listened to him please go download his mixtapes project baby, heart of the projects, institution and Lil B.I.G Pac


Migos in Kenya 


Henry M.

its a takeover like no other on the 2ND to the 4TH of DECEMBER as Migos, Atlanta’s hottest trap group, come to town. The trio is set to have their Debut african performance this December when they grace the Afro Fest at Steadmak Gardens, Karen. .  Migos which is made up of three cousins; Quavo, Offset and Takeoff are known for their unique voacals and style. The three have had so much impact on the music scene with their numerous mixtapes and collaborations with other top artist like Young Thug and Meek mill just to mention but afew. The event is expected to be the best event for 2016 as they will be performing their hottest tracks back to back, hopefully they’ll give us a sample of their upcoming mixtape. Tickets are available at for just KSH2,000 while at the gate its KSH3,000.

For just 2000bob you get all the entertainment you want. I believe for all trap/ hiphop lovers there is no better way to start you last month of the year. I dont know about you, but for me its a must attend.

The pride of basketball. 

Kennedy G.

Basketball is always associated with pride. Many basketballers who are famous are known to be from rich backgrounds.

Basketball is among the best games in the world that most people admire and wish to play, and enjoy watching. Men ,women and children all want to be seen playing basketball.

In the past, it was well known with men, but today in the current world, it’s also known to women. Women, Nora being an example, have also dominated in basketball and they seem to be doing great. Women teams can now play to the internationals and get awards.
Basketball is good for your health, it keeps you fit since there is a lot of exercise and movement involved. It also encourages team work, and cooperation.
But again it has its disadvantages, including fractures and disagreement in the team.

Generally basketball is a good game and if given an opportunity one shouldn’t hesitate to join.

Super knockout football tournament

Kennedy Gichuru

Hey sports fans, it’s finally here again! I would love to invite you all to the tournament of your life.It is going to take place at Nyayo Stadium. The two day sports event that will run from 25th to 26th November will bring all teams from different counties together fighting to be crowned the champions at the end of the tournament.

The tournament is all about nurturing the local young talent so that we can improve the aspect of football in our country. This is the 8th tournament to be held in the country as all the other previous have proven to be successful. The tournament is set to begin at 9.00 am in the morning on Friday 25th where the four teams that win proceed to Saturday for the semifinal and the final.

This tournament will be much better and there will be some entertaining football to watch for both football lovers and those who do not enjoy football. Come and support the local talent we have.

The tickets are available online at:

Instagram page @annual_waggy

Facebook page at The annualwaggy page



Have they outlived their glory days?

Kennedy G. 

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Do Arsenal fans have any right to make the claim that he is “not special any more” after what José Mourinho described as their specialising in failure over the years.

Manchester on the other hand have under delivered this season causing Mourinho to blame success in the past for the raised expectations that are currently unfulfilled Old Trafford. If United are not back in the realms of the ordinary there is no longer anything special about this fixture other than its history.
The story in short was that Mourinho dropped Wayne Rooney after claiming that he looked after pencils more carefull than England protects their internationals, and in the absence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic through suspension Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial missed their chance to sharpen the United attack
The home side began well enough, with Antonio Valencia, Paul Pogba and Rashford all making inroads down the right wing, but with no Ibrahimovic to aim for in the middle their attempted crosses were easily dealt with. United tried to do most of the attacking, Arsenal were content to merely keep possession much of the time, yet it was clear throughout that in Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Özil the visitors had players who could create something from nothing with a single feint or pass.

Gay abhorrence

Sharon M.

This days more men are fashion conscious as compared to some few years back. We love you guys but some of you need to up your fashion game. There so many guys in the fashion industry you can look up to when it comes to style depending on what you like whether its casual or official, for casual Kanye west is your guy, he has an ability of making an outfit that would look so casual and plain on anyone else into something sleeker and smarter when he adds his cool menswear tricks into the outfit. Plus he has the most recognized and successful personal style.I know most guys are scared of too much color so this is definitely your go-to guy because his style can be easily executed by anyone. For official I’d suggest that you look for something that’s well fitting.

Most guys neglect shoes forgetting that shoes are a very important part of an outfit and as the popular Swahili saying goes ‘mwanaume ni kiatu ‘ because its the first thing people notice when they see you and it actually says a lot about you as a person. So next time make sure that when you slay its from the shoe up.

We love and appreciate our men but a little sense of fashion doesn’t make you gay it makes you presentable and even more handsome.

The Nairobi fashion week

Sharon M.

Hey guys i would love to invite you all to The Nairobi fashion week season (iv) summer/spring edition which will be held at the Concord hotel and suites located along Parklands and the theme will be MAMA AFRICA. The two day event that’ll run from the 25th to the 26th will bring designers from all over Africa to showcase their talent.

The event will incorporate 5 designers from Kenya, the rest from Africa and one from Netherlands the founder Joseph Brian said.

The designers will be showcasing their talents from 1900hrs to 2200hrs, plus the visitors will be allowed to walk in anytime before the show and interact with the designers and exhibitors.

This season will be much better than the last one and the NFW management promise satisfaction to all their guests.
For both fashion lovers and those who are not this is the place to be, come see what our designers have for us this time, give them a chance and support them.

The tickets are also available online at You can check their instagram page @ The_nfw, Facebook page at The nairobi fashion WEEK #nairobifashionweek.